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With a modest beginning in 2002, IDEAL GROUP OF COMPANIES has made giant strides in the fields of manufacturing and marketing of high performance timber doors in UAE and neighboring GCC states.

IDEAL products are manufactured to stringent quality standards in our factory located in Ajman Freezone; UAE. A skilled team of technically qualified supervisory work force complemented by modern machinery manufacture these products to the full satisfaction of our customers. Our door sets can be made to your exact requirements; in terms of size, material (choice of timber, veneer), finish etc.

Each door set is subjected to detailed scrutiny during manufacture and installation, only then are the label and Civil Defence certificate provided by us. Our production facility is periodically audited by EXOVA-BM TRADA(Q-mark) and DAS(ISO 9001:2015) for compliance to relevant standards and procedures .

Basic advantages of IDEAL Mineral Core High Performance Doors:

  • IDEAL doors are fully timber based & can complement style or décor of any type of interiors
  • These are local products developed & manufactured from start to finish in the UAE
  • IDEAL AcouFire door is perhaps the only locally fabricated in-house product which offers combined high-end fire & acoustic rating in the same door.
  • Being an in-house manufactured product, IDEAL doors are made fully to customer’s requirements in terms of size, choice of timber / facing, finish etc.
  • Its unique design which incorporates a hard wood inner frame of stiles & rails contributes to the structural integrity of the door leaf and facilitates easy & durable installation of hardware like hinges, lock case, furniture, closer etc.
  • IDEAL door leaf due to its composite construction has flexibility to accommodate minor variations in certain components like outer skin, which a ready-made blank cannot do.
  • For the same fire and acoustic rating, IDEAL mineral door leaves probably have the least weight & thickness.
  • IDEAL products are backed by ISO Quality management & Q-Mark certification from BM TRADA and approved by Civil Defence Authorities throughout UAE & neighboring states.
  • Marketing Strategy

    M/S FIRESTOP Trading Establishment – sister concern of IDEAL SPECIAL PRODUCTS – has exclusive marketing rights for the products throughout U.A.E. FIRESTOP is an entity registered as an approved vendor with Civil Defence Authorities of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the other emirates in the U.A.E for the purpose of commercial representation

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