ACOUFIRE 38 (FLUSH DOOR, 900 X 2050 mm)


Descriptions and Specifications:
  • Hardwood lipping all-round; mechanically glued onto the door leaf.
  • Inner frame for door leaf made of hardwood consisting of vertical stiles, top, bottom & mid-rails. This frame guarantees structural integrity to the door leaf and facilitates easy installation of ironmongery like hinges, lock case, closer etc. Inclusion of inner frame within the leaf is a special feature of (IDEAL LOGO) doors which is not seen in most ready-made door blanks.
  • Four full mineral board sheets are built into the design for sound as well as thermal insulation.
  • Sound dampening sheets are sandwiched between the mineral boards for additional acoustic performance.
  • Main feature of (IDEAL LOGO) AcouFire doors is our proprietary ‘mineral core’ molded inside the inner frame of the leaf. This core provides superior sound insulation in addition to being light-weight and having excellent thermal properties.
  • An outer skin of Plywood/MDF/HDF is pressed on the above assembly and lipping is then added which can take final finishes such as paint, veneer, laminate etc.
  • Doorframe is made of hardwood having minimum cross section as shown in the sketch. Moisture content and density of timber shall be as given in the test report.
  • Self-adhesive acoustic (ACOUSTIC SEAL 5) & intumescent seals are provided within grooves in the rebate as shown in the sketch.
  • Self-activating drop-down seal ensures sound does not leak through the bottom gap when the doorset is in a closed position.