As part of on-going product innovation and development, ‘IDEAL’ with immense pride launched its next product – IDEAL AcouFire doors. This product with dual performance of combined acoustic and fire rating is perhaps the first locally manufactured high performance door of its kind having international test evidence. AcouFire doors target market requirement of safety and privacy in multi-user buildings such as apartment blocks, commercial complexes, hotels and resorts, educational institutions like schools and colleges, hospitals, airport terminals etc. Our product comes with a specially developed mineral core with sound dampening inner linings complemented with acoustic and fire seals. These doors have been tested for acoustic performance starting from 35 dB up to an impressive 45 dB rating with a minimum fire rating of 60 minutes and above. AcouFire doors can be supplied with standard finishes like veneer, laminate, paint etc. to match any ambience.

Technical data sheets available for IDEAL AcouFire doors give full description of their constructional details.


On top of the outer skin which is normally MDF or Commercial ply-IDEAL high performance doors are faced with wood veneers/laminates/paint as per customer’s choice to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the product. Wood veneer facing is further finished by a lacquering system which can also accommodate staining to achieve a limited range of tint Please refer to the range of facings (which is not exhaustive) given below


Acoustic Rating: 35dB
Thickness: 50mm


Acoustic Rating: 39dB
Thickness: 54mm

Acoustic Rating: 42dB
Thickness: 60mm

Acoustic Rating: 45dB
Thickness: 64mm