By the middle of 2008, IDEAL was ready with the next step in product development and introduced Ideal Acoustic doors.By making appropriate changes in the design of our unique and propreitory mineral core,adding high-end Acoustic lining and heavy-duty seals,ideal Acoustic doors were launched. Prior to commercial launching, this product also underwent routine quality control procedures and acoustic tests to ISO 140-3: 1995 & ASTM E 90-04 at PSB (Singapore) - Part of world-wide TUV-SUD Material Testing and Standardization network.Later these doors were tested at EXOVAS Acoustic laboratory for higher acoustic ratings

Results of these tests were very encouraging as IDEAL Acoustic Doors attained maximum acoustic rating of STC 45 dB.


On top of the outer skin which is normally MDF or Commercial ply-IDEAL high performance doors are faced with wood veneers/laminates/paint as per customer’s choice to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the product. Wood veneer facing is further finished by a lacquering system which can also accommodate staining to achieve a limited range of tint Please refer to the range of facings (which is not exhaustive) given below